HSUHK Industry Leaders’ Chatroom Series

The Chatroom series aims at providing an open and live broadcast platform online for industry leaders to share their views and experience.


1 December 2020

Reform, Breakthrough, CFO's New Milestone


Panel speakers

Mr Ellis Cheng, Chief Financial Officer of Kerry Logistics Network Limited

Mr Francis Cheung, Finance Director of Octopus Holdings Limited



Prof. Eugene Liu, HSUHK Adjunct Professor, and Managing Partner, RSM Hong Kong


14 October 2020

How the World's Economy Can Recover -

The Way Forward for Hong Kong

Panel speaker

Mr Francis Yuen, Independent Non-Executive Deputy Chairman of Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited



Dr Andy Cheng, HSUHK Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance cum Associate Director of the Research Institute for Business


22 July 2020

Insurance Industry Outlook and How to Get Started in the Field

Panel speakers

Dr Moses Cheng, Chairman of Insurance Authority; Chairman of HSUHK Council 

Dr Patrick Poon, Veteran Industry Practitioner; Chairman of HSUHK Fundraising

and Donation Committee

Mr Clement Cheung, CEO of Insurance Authority



Prof. Lawrence Lee, HSUHK Department of Mathematics, Statistics


30 June 2020

Specialist and Generalist

Panel speakers

Dr Jacky Cheung, Member of HSUHK Council; Alumnus

Mr Paul Tai, Member of HSUHK Advisory Committee on Graduate Employment; Alumnus




Dr Tom Fong, HSUHK Vice-President (Organisational Development)