Student Development

HSUHK students welcome challenges and dare to innovate. Through coordinating and organizing various sorts of activities spanning from academic projects to community services in and outside of the campus, students expand their connections and enrich their social experience. Sponsoring student activities or providing opportunities of internship would encourage them to put dreams into action, benefiting both our students and the community.


We sincerely invite you to sponsor student development programmes as listed below:


  • Scholarship / Bursary

    HSUHK establishes a number of scholarships in recognition of student excellence in academic performance and other areas, which also serves the purpose of attracting potential talented young people to join the University. Your sponsorship will make it possible for us to recognize even more student excellence, as well as providing the financial help for students in need.



  • Internship Programmes

    Our students who joined the internship programmes have demonstrated outstanding performance, which assures us of the effectiveness of such programmes. Your sponsorship could help extend our internship programmes to other places of the world, making it possible for our students to gain real world experience both locally and overseas, and to become professionals with global perspectives.

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  • Student Development and Campus Life

    In support of the University’s education goals, SAO of HSUHK strives to create a supportive and challenging learning environment by providing a full range of co-curricular programmes and residential life experience, engaging students in campus life; enabling their total development and wellness; empowering teamwork and leadership; promoting civic participation; cultivating diversity and global citizenship; and enhancing employability.