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Foundation Gallery Naming Initiative

New Academic Building Project

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) is constructing a new academic building, the “Creative Humanities Hub”, as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our humanities education in response to the increase in student numbers and growing demand for additional teaching and learning facilities. The new building will be equipped with advanced multimedia facilities and digital technology to support our diversified teaching approach for students.

Introduction to Creative Humanities Hub

Located between the historic M Building and the recently developed  Lee Shau Kee Complex, the Creative Humanities Hub symbolises the connection between “the old and the new” and is set to be a future landmark of HSUHK. As the teaching base for the School of Humanities and Social Science, the new building represents our commitment to providing students with an innovative and interactive learning environment that integrates humanities with technology, nurturing talents for Hong Kong’s art, culture, and creative industries.

The Creative Humanities Hub is a six-storey building that houses a Lecture Theatre, a  Gallery, a Multi-Media Editing Lab, and Martin Ka Shing Lee Innovation Lab. All are equipped with cutting-edge lighting and sound systems, animation, computer, graphic, and video editing-production facilities. Discussion rooms and other teaching and research facilities will reside on the upper two floors to provide space for teachers to meet students and exchange ideas.

Introduction to Gallery

Situated on the first floor, the Gallery is one of the four flagship facilities in the new building, offering 150 square meters of versatile space to generate artistic and cultural experiences for visitors. With its collection and special exhibitions, the Gallery promotes public participation in the arts and cultivates appreciation for creative works. Additionally, it aims to collaborate with industry partners to enhance HSUHK’s humanistic education and facilitate scholarly projects.

Donation Support and Recognition

As a self-financing private university without government funding, HSUHK relies entirely on tuition fees and donations to support its strategic goals and campus expansion. The Foundation Gallery Naming Initiative launched by Dr Patrick Poon, Chairman of Fundraising and Donation Committee and Governor, aims to raise HK$10 million to support the construction of the Creative Humanities Hub. Dr Poon believes that “education is the best investment” as it can have a significant impact on an individual’s life and drives progress in society and the world.

HSUHK cordially invites you / your organisation to become a Member of “HSUHK—Foundation” and support the construction of our Creative Humanities Hub. The “Foundation Gallery” will be named to recognise your generous support, and acknowledgement plaques engraved with your / organisation names will be placed inside the Gallery as a token of appreciation.

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