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16 March was the Founders’ Day of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK). On the special occasion, President Simon S M Ho shared online his experience in “wealth and wellness” management, attracting over 400 alumni, students, staff, friends of HSUHK and members of the public to interact with each other.


President Ho and alumnus Mr Alaric Chu, General Manager-Program and Channel Operations of Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited and experienced host of radio financial programmes, shared with the audience how to develop life planning and create tangible and intangible “wealth” at different stages of life. President Ho shared his “8-dimensions PERSONAL Holistic Wellness” model, namely Physical, Emotional, Resources, Social, Occupational, Nature, AI & Digital, and Learning & Intellectual, and these should be developed in good balance. He suggested that we should try to set clearer goals for life. “We all have different values of and plans for ‘wealth’, but the most important thing is to seek it with peace of mind.” The young generation today has their own advantages and each generation has their unique opportunities to excel. As long as they plan earlier and confront challenges with a positive and optimistic mindset, they can open up new paths for themselves.


Alumnus Chu shared his views on personal development and career development. He highlighted the 3 key elements that help: networks, focus and time management. Through continuous learning, he also encouraged the audience to add values to themselves, seize new opportunities and keep up with the times.


The “President’s Chatroom” online event was well received and the participants were so eager to raise questions interacting with the speakers. The questions covered a wide range of areas, from life planning and investment approach to how young people could actualise their dream, and how they could seize the opportunities for starting a business under the current environments. Both President Ho and Alumnus Chu shared their own personal experience and investment tips, “You should make good planning, understand your personality and goals, and manage your wealth carefully. Before investing in the stock market, you should assess the company, its major shareholders’ background and relevant risks in order to gain long-term stable returns.”


In addition, many participants took part in the quiz session to win President Ho’s autographed co-authored book Ho Sin Hang and the Early Company Culture of Hang Seng Bank. A generous alumnus also donated an iPad for the final challenge contest. After all, the grand prize went to another alumnus with the correct answer.


Since the questions were overwhelming at the “President’s Chatroom”, President Simon Ho filmed a short Q&A video to continue to follow up the matters about life planning, investment and HSUHK’s  measures against the pandemic.


The “President’s Chatroom” and Q&A videos have been uploaded on YouTube Channel. Happy viewing!

President Simon S M Ho and Alumnus Alaric Chu shared their views on “Wellness and Wealth”

management in the “President’s Chatroom” on the Founders’ Day 2022.

The event attracted many alumni, students, staff, friends of HSUHK and members of the public to interact with each other.

President Simon Ho filmed a short Q&A video to answer participant’s questions.


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