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Why Donate

HSUHK is a rapidly-growing private university, yet, unlike other publicly-funded institutions, has no subsidy from the government or any other organizations. Support from individuals, industrial and commercial entities, and all sectors of the society is therefore of utmost importance for HSUHK’s future development as these forms a stable source of income for us to improve our teaching and learning facilities, as well as to introduce a greater variety of disciplines.


HSUHK takes up an important and unique role in Hong Kong’s higher education sector. Against the background that Hong Kong has seen a long term significant shortage of subsidized undergraduate places, HSUHK, by offering more than 1,000 self-financed undergraduate places annually, has provided not only a remedy to the situation, but also reduced the pressure of the need for tertiary education locally, and enhanced social equality.


In pursuit of providing quality undergraduate education, HSUHK upholds our education ideal of nurturing future professional leaders with integrity and a strong sense of social responsibility. We aim to enhance our quality of teaching through improvement of facilities and provision of opportunities for students’ all-round development.


You are cordially invited to join us in our effort to attain new heights in the higher education development of Hong Kong and the nation. Every single cent of your support is of utmost importance to HSUHK and our energetic and aspiring students. We call upon you to give us your financial support generously and play a part in grooming future talents for the benefit of our society. We are sure that your benevolence will be widely recognized by all those who have benefited as of present and in the years to come.


You can make donations in various forms which will be sustainable resources in support of the pursuance of our educational ideals.



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