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HSUHK President leads “The Eco-P Campaign” to foster a green campus and support its sustainable development

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) has always been committed to the principles of resource conservation and respect for the natural environment. HSUHK strives to foster a green campus through sustainable construction, providing an ambient learning environment. To support the University’s sustainable development, “The Eco-Pledge Campaign” was established in 2014. Over the years, the Campaign has received generous donations from staff members and alumni. The naming of trees around HSUHK’s campus honours their contributions for advancing the development of the University. As this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Campaign, HSUHK is once again calling upon the larger HSUHK community for their continued support to further develop its green campus.

To promote “The Eco-Pledge Campaign”, Professor Simon Ho, President of HSUHK, arrived on campus and dressed in gardening gear today (21 June), alongside Professor Roy Chung, Founder of the Bright Future Charitable Foundation and Member of the HSUHK-Foundation Management Committee, and Dr Jacky Cheung, Council Member and alumnus. They led donors of “The Eco-P Campaign”, alumni, staff members and students to carry out a range of gardening activities.

During the event, President Ho and the participants planted bamboo as a concrete step towards building a green campus. HSUHK, also known as the “Bamboo University”, extensively utilises bamboo as a construction material given its renewable and carbon-neutral nature. This aligns with the University’s commitment to create a green campus and promote its “environmental education” philosophy. The act of planting bamboo is also closely connected to the nurturing of young talent. In addition to planting bamboo, participants also took part in pruning trees and potting plants at Wei Lun Square to foster a sense of belonging to the campus through the cultivation its plants and trees.

HSUHK also received a donation of Milwaukee gardening tools from Techtronic Industries Company Limited, which will further enhance the efficiency of campus greening and beautification.

President Ho, Professor Chung and Dr Cheung lead donors, alumni, staff members and students in gardening activities.
President Ho pruning trees.
Group photo of President Ho, supporters of "The Eco-P Campaign", alumni, staff members and students


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