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One Alum, One Job - Support the HSUHK Career Nomination Scheme

“One Alum, One Job 一校友 🢝 一份工”

HSUHK would like to appeal to all alumni for your support in the initiative “One Alum, One Job”, where an alumnus is encouraged to refer one employment opportunity for HSUHK graduates. Each and every alumnus is invited to take part in any way that fits your background, no matter you are the decision maker to hire staff, or you are lending your helping hand to convey our needs to the recruiters of your company and network.


HSUHK Support Scheme (to both employers and students/ graduates)

To support HSUHK students in employment, the University is in collaboration with the 3 job portals under SCMP group, Cyberport Hong Kong,  Hong Kong Science Parks Corporations and Recruit.com since June 2020 to launch the HSUHK Career Nomination Scheme aiming at proactively connecting our students with employers from across industries during the period of adversity, and likewise help employers to build a talent pool for their business redevelopment right after the economy picks up. At this moment, the Scheme has connected 500+ HSUHK students from different disciplines with around 140 employers in the employment market, including MNCs and SMEs. We consider that this is just a good start.


Support needed from you

To maximise the impact of this Scheme, HSUHK would like to call for your support as our alumni to

– encourage your organisation to participate in the Career Nomination Scheme; or

– disseminate the Scheme’s info to the Human Resources Department of your organisation/ your friends who might need young talents in the future; or

– consider joining our scheme if you are having your own business



The HSUHK Career Nomination Scheme Fact Sheet will give you more details about its operations and benefits for participating employers. In addition, the University also sincerely appreciates in case you would like to support your juniors in any other ways, such as

– providing graduate jobs / internship opportunities

– career training

– being their mentors under the HSUHK Professional Mentorship Scheme

– any support you can think of


If you would like to give your juniors at HSUHK a helping hand, please fill in this online form to let us know your possible ways of support. The Career Team will be in touch with you for suitable arrangements.


HSUHK Career Nomination Scheme Fact Sheet

HSUHK Career Nomination Scheme Reply Form


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