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President Simon Ho hosted the “P Tour” Series

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) has been actively developing its hardware and software in recent years, HSUHK adopts the unique “Liberal + Professional” model with unique features, including innovative degree programmes, interactive small-class teaching, and a Residential College System combining living with learning. The campus is also becoming increasingly well-equipped, helping to optimise the learning environment and enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. To introduce HSUHK to the wider public, the Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office has produced a series of “P Tour” videos, in which President Simon S M Ho hosts a virtual tour to the campus, sharing with the audiences about main buildings, unique facilities and histories.


This “P Tour” Series would get our audiences familiar with the University’s development over the past four decades since Hang Seng School of Commerce and Hang Seng Management College eras, going from strength to strength. Aspiring to be a leading non-profit private liberal-arts-oriented university in the region, HSUHK is calling for social support and donations to join hands with us at nurturing young talents with critical thinking, innovative minds, humanistic caring and social responsibility.


Stay tuned for our updates of the latest episode.


"P Tour" Series

~ Episodes 1 and 2: M Building, College Hall and N Building on the Yuen Campus


~ Episodes 3 and 4: The Way & Lee Quo Wei Academic Building on the Yuen Campus


~ Episode 5: Central Plaza


~ Episode 6: Lee Shau Kee Complex on the North Campus


~ Episode 7: Wei Lun Square on the North Campus 


~ Episodes 8 and 9: S H Ho Academic Building on the North Campus


~ Episode 10: HSUHK Jockey Club Residential Colleges on the Yuen Campus (The final episode: released on 29 July 2022)


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