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The fifth episode of the Industry Leaders’ Chatroom Series organised by the Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office was held on 27 May 2022. Ms Stephanie Law, Managing Director of Culture Homes and Forward Living, was invited to be the distinguished speaker.

Before the Chatroom event, Ms Law was also invited to meet with President Simon S.M. Ho, Vice-President (Organisational Development) Dr Tom Fong, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science Prof. K K Tam and Ms Elisa Chan, Director of Advancement and Alumni Affairs to learn more about the accomplishments and latest developments of the University. A short campus tour was arranged for Ms Law, Prof. Alexander Law, Adjunct Professor of Department of Art and Design and Founder of Culture Homes, and Mrs Alexander Law to admire the Foundation Wall and the Hong Kong Notes and Coins Gallery. Prof. Law and Mrs Law were invited to attend the Chatroom event.

During the live Chatroom, Ms Law shared her views on eldercare services and how she brought new ideas and innovations to this industry in Hong Kong. The managing directions of Culture Homes and Forward Living were also discussed, including the sustainability and talent training. By emphasising gerontechnology and respecting the elderly, Ms Law hoped that the major difficulties encountered in Hong Kong could be solved.

As the moderator, Vice-President (Organisational Development) Dr Tom Fong led the discussion on the topic of how society should treat elderly services after the pandemic. As a specialist in the industry, Ms Law exchanged ideas with the audience and emphasised the importance of familiarising the young generation with the concept of elderly services.

Around 300 HSUHK alumni, staff members, students and business executives from partners registered for this event.

After the Chatroom, the Law family was invited to visit the exhibition of Prof. Alexander Law’s drawings “Mnemonic”.  They were warmly greeted by Prof. Desmond Hui, Head of Department of Art and Design at the exhibition hall.

Please click here to view the Chatroom video.

(From left) Dr Tom Fong, Mrs Alexander Law, Prof. Alexander Law, President Simon Ho, Ms Stephanie Law, Prof. K K Tam
Speaker Ms Stephanie Law pictured with moderator Dr Tom Fong at the Chatroom event.
(From left) Prof. Desmond Hui, Prof. Alexander Law, Mrs Alexander Law, Ms Stephanie Law; Prof. K K Tam (second from right)


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