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Latest Campus Entry Measures for Homecoming Alumni

Further to the University’s announcement issued on 15 December 2022 and the Government’s announcement on 28 December 2022, relaxation of certain anti-COVID measures on the University campus will take effect from 29 December 2022, including:


a) Lifting the anti-COVID related restriction on venue capacity and the headcount limit in banquet activities;

b) Cessation of vaccine pass scanning;

c) Cessation of temperature scanning, and health reporting/declaration by staff, students or visitors; and

d) Mask-wearing requirement during photo-taking on stage at events is exempted.


Having considered the community health risks while balancing the needs for University’s normal activities, please:

a) present your HSUHK Alumni cards* to prove your identity; and

b) note that “Pre-registration” of visitors is not mandatory but recommended, while any visitors without pre-registration will require registration upon entry.


The University will closely monitor the epidemic development and any applicable governmental measures and update the relevant policy as and when necessary. Please refer to the HSUHK Announcements on COVID-19 on the University website homepage for latest updates.

*Alumni Cards

Alumni Card (Free)


Alumni Association card

(Life Membership fee $200)

HSUHK Affiliate Card -Alumni (Annual fee $300)



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