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Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024

Staff members, students and alumni joined the HSUHK running team and got themselves well prepared through the trainings provided by the University for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2024, which took place on 21 January 2024. This year we saw numerous alumni registering for the running team to challenge themselves and test their perseverance by aiming at a better result.

President Simon Ho visited the base camp set up by the PE unit of Student Affairs Office and supported the HSUHK running team and had conversations with our alumni. It was thrilling to witness the runners cheering and encouraging each other and achieving their goals. The HSUHK running team members shared the joy and gathered together to take group photos after the marathon.

Congratulations to all runners and thank you for the support from the PE unit and the student volunteers. We all hope to see you and new team members again next year!

President Simon Ho (fourth from right), Dr Cheung Pui Sze, Director of Student Affairs (second from left), Ms Betty To, Manager, Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office (first from left) and other staff members supported the HSUHK running team.

President Simon Ho (second from right), Vice-president (Organisation Development) Dr Tom Fong (first from right), alumnus Dr Jacky Cheung (second from left) and alumna Mrs Jacky Cheung (first from left) took a group photo to record this remarkable moment.

Alumni challenged themselves to get a satisfying result.


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