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Welcome to Advancement and Alumni Affairs Office

Vision & Mission


To be a professional institutional advancement team supporting the University’s goals in resources development and alumni liaison.



  1. To develop all possible external funding sources in sustaining the advancement of the University.
  2. To cultivate a giving culture in the University.
  3. To build up a long-term relationship with alumni and supporters.

Alumni Information Update

Keep in Touch with your Alma Mater!

HSUHK values and cherishes every interaction with each one and all of you. Please update your personal and contact information here.

We hope to stay connected with you and update you with our growth, accomplishments, and a series of special privileges.

Fundraising Campaigns and ALUMNINFO

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Monthly Donation Scheme
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Latest Campus Entry Measures for Homecoming Alumni

What Our Alumni Say

Mr Dicky YUEN Yik Ting

The time you spent on studying may be one of the indicators that contribute to your grades at school. In life, the time you spend on meeting new people and learning new things will almost for sure define the altitude of your career development. If achieving career success is your goal, I would suggest you take your first step and join more alumni activities and learn soft skills from other alumni.

2003 HSSC Graduate

Mr Paul TAI Lun

I wish our fellow graduates could do much better than us and even our teachers, so that they can make our society better and smarter. I also urge you folks to be keen on alumni activities, and share life experiences with one another. I believe this is the best way to carry on the spirit of HSMC / HSSC and inspire more alumni to contribute to our alma mater.

1988 HSSC Graduate

Mr Kenneth LEUNG Ka Keung

HSMCers / HSMC students should seize opportunities to learn and prepare yourselves for the challenges of society. Joining activities in connection with alumni from different years of HSMC / HSSC would definitely help grow your social networks and benefit your personal career development.

1982 HSSC Graduate

Dr Jacky CHEUNG Wah Keung

A strong personal social network can be very helpful after graduation. Join alumni activities and meet new friends!

1982 HSSC Alumnus

Mr Hamza Saghir ASLAM

I am grateful that I was not only taking part in an internship in Egypt, but also, with the aid of scholarships, attending exchange programmes in France and Korea, from which I benefited a great deal. I wish more friends of HSUHK will lend their helping hands to fund my junior schoolmates, so as to relieve their financial burdens.

2019 Graduate

Ms Lilian YEUNG

It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to reciprocate my alma mater’s nurturing by being a lecturer, grooming the younger generations with my professional knowledge. I sincerely invite more patrons from the wider community to join me in supporting the advancement of the University and cultivating leaders of tomorrow.

HSSC First Cohort Graduate


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